Monday, February 20, 2012

 Leicester House Sitter Checklist of 15 things you must have before the house sitter take the controls of the home.           _

Below is a list of 15 things that the home owner and house sitter should have wriiten down before the house sitter takes control of the house. This will ensure that the home owner and the house sitter will both have a successful and enjoyable stay.

1. Get the phone number and address of the nearest police station in case of any emergency.
2. Get the phone number and address of the nearest fire brigade.
3. Have available shot records, health history, veterinarian's phone numbers, for all animals under your care.
4. Have a list of any medication that is needed for any animals under your care.
5. Have available telephone numbers for the neighbors of the house under care.
6. Have telephone numbers to contact the owners of the house under care.
7. Have telephone number contact for any contractors and services that need to be performed for the house.
8. Have the telephone number and address for the nearest hardware store to purchase any items that might be needed.
9. Get the address and phone number for the local post office.
10. Get the phone number and address for the utilities office in the case there is some type of problem or emergency with any of the utilities such as gas, water and sewage.
11. Get the phone number and address for any insurance companies that are associated with the house.
12. Have a list of daily chores that need to be done around the house. Also, have a list of any tasks that the owners may need to be done while away. This could include making payments for something; returning library books; picking up mail; delivering an item that could not be delivered while the owners were at home.
13. Have the keys to any motor vehicles that need to periodically started so they remain in good running condition. Note, it is good to start a motor vehicle, such as a car, once a week.
14. Get the local bus route schedule so you can get around town for anything needed during the stay.
15. Get the phone numbers of the home owner's relatives and friends that the owner may want you to stay in contact with.

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